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7 habits to help you live a healthy and happier life :

  • 12/02/2021


This pandemic, has made us realize that for such a long time, because of long working hours or busy schedules, we were neglecting our physical and mental health so much. But, now we have the time to be better, and instil some habits, which can make us a better version of ourselves. In case, you are looking for the motivation and guidance to turn your life around. Here it is. These are 7 simple habits that can help you live a more healthy and happy life.


It is absolutely no secret that exercising, can help you lead a more healthy and a  happier life. Exercising, releases feel good hormones called endorphins which can instantly boost your mood. And, exercise, helps in burning some calories and being more fit. Exercises like running, gymming or even walking for 15- 30 minutes three times a week can make you feel better both  physically and mentally. 

According to a study by JAMA psychiatry, depression was reduced by 26% in individuals because of exercising and physical activity



Meditation, can help calm you down in tense situations and give you a perspective. It is an instant mood lifter. Meditation, helps curb last minute anxieties and is a great thing to do for atleast 5 minutes per day. 

Research by University of Colorado, shows that medication is the reason behind decrease in depression by 12%.

A groundbreaking research in 1989 also says that, meditation has resulted in reduction of coronary heart disease by 87%.

3.Deep breathing- 

Deep breathing, like meditation, has proven to be a great source for curbing anxiety. It helps a person be more calm and relaxed in tense situations. For example,before an interview or an exam, deep breathing with your eyes closed can actually help you concentrate better, and block some of that negative energy which is penetrating in your mind. Techniques like breathing at the count of 4,7,8 or placing one hand on your chest and other on your stomach, and taking deep breaths, is really helpful in having a healthier and a happier life. 

4.Positive attitude 

Positive attitude is the key to a healthy and happy lifestyle. With a healthy physical body, a healthy mind is also a must. A positive person is usually content with themselves and are also a great company to be or hang out with. They connect with everybody. They are natural mood lifters. They are better at dealing with failures, as they tend to focus more on the solutions to problems then problems itself. 

Positive people have a better immune system as well. That is why even if they fall ill they recover faster. According to a research, pessimistic individuals had a 42% higher rate of death than optimists

 5.Healthy eating 

Healthy eating is really important for a healthy and a happy living. Having a balanced diet, rich in carbohydrates, roughage, iron, magnesium rich foods can not only make one healthy but also a more happy person.

A study from University in Germany, proved that eating vegetables led to higher levels of happiness, than foods rich in sugar or fats. 


Water, is also a really important component for a healthy and happy living. Having 7-8 glasses of water per day, can not only help in better digestion but less headaches, and a more active lifestyle. Lack of water, can make a person dehydrated, because of which a person may not feel like doing anything and feel, less energetic or proactive. It is good for your skin too. 

According to a study, respondents who drank more than 10 glasses of water per day were statistically found to be “very happy,” with 80% reporting so. However, 18% who consumed the same amount reported being “somewhat happy.” 

7 Less Social Media

Yes, you read that right. Social media, is a good thing, but spending large amount of time, on it, could actually, make you more depressed, or feel bad about yourself. You could fall into the trap of comparing yourself to the celebrity whose social media account you are following, you could feel, a sense of dissatisfaction, like why is my life not like that. Why, am I not like that? It could instil self doubt. It could also make you distracted, and less productive. Spending hours on your mobile or laptop screen, scrolling through social media is unhealthy for your mind and body. 

According to a New York Times article by Brent Staples, “only 18 percent of students reported spending 16 hours per week socializing with friends — an all-time low.” He adds that students have replaced social interaction with social media which made them unhappy and sad. Alexandra Sifferlin, a famous journalist, refers to a German study of 600 social media users where it was reported that, one-third of users were sadder after browsing their Facebook feeds, “especially if they viewed vacation photos.”

I hope these 7 points, help you lead a more healthier and a happier life. Lastly, I would like to end on this note, that everyone has a different, way of finding happiness or being a more proactive or a healthy person. The process is subjective. So, find something, that makes you happy and healthy. And keep going because it is a life long journey. I am sure, this article will give you the right motivation and direction. Thank you so much reader, have a splendid day.


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