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1st Internation Conference on Sustainable Development: Health and Wellness

Dear research scholars, students, and faculty members, MindGlass Well-Being in association with the Department of Psychology, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, India, had invited Papers, Posters, and Abstracts for a two-day conference on

“Sustainable Development: Health & Wellness”

Picture: Here is a newspaper update for our conference.

As a part of the global and scientific community, we gathered at this 1st International Conference on “Sustainable Development: Health & Wellness” to talk about research-based ideas and intervention techniques to prevent and solve the global race to development via a sustainable development approach. It’s never too late to adopt a sustainable approach to developing the infrastructure and resources of every nation.

The scientific discussion and keynote speaker’s address to the audience were based on the following themes:

  • Pollution prevention and biodiversity research
  • Psychology as a tool for changing public attitudes, behaviours, and perceptions of SD
  • Electronics and Physics: Green Energy, Advanced Sensors, and Energy-Efficient Technology
  • Agriculture: Stubble management, Organic Farming, Hydroponics, and Urban Farming
  • Social Sciences and Geo-Politics: Changing People’s Perspectives on SD
  • Health and Pharma: Novel Research in Medicine and Vaccination
  • Green Architect and Clean Fuel: Future Homes and Transportation
  • Spreading awareness through information technology and mass communication
  • Work and research contributions in the life sciences in SD
  • Pure sciences: the main mechanical basis for SD

Please note that the names of participants and their research papers’ titles will be re-uploaded soon.

Uploaded on February 11, 2022,

Updated on March 06, 2022