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Ashutosh Tiwari Ashutosh Tiwari

Psychologist Ashutosh Tiwari

  • BAPsy (H), MAPsy (H), PhD Psy*
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About “Psychologist Ashutosh Tiwari”

Offered Services

Health psychologist 1 Service(s)
Health Counseling ₹520.00
Psychologist 1 Service(s)
Mental Health Counseling ₹520.00

Substance Use Counseling services aim to help an individual to sustain long term recovery, post successful detoxification, for which a follow up based counseling is given to the clients. The major of substance counseling is to make an individual skillful or help in learning positive coping skills to deal with the environmental pressure to drink or do drugs and at the same time avoid high-risk situations where a client may get relapse again and again.

Cognitive Behavior Therapist 1 Service(s)
Cognitive Behavior Therapy ₹600.00

CBT is psychological talk therapy, it's being used worldwide to treat stress, anxiety, mood disorders, addiction, grief, and academics relates issues.
In CBT a psychologist helps the client by boosting his perspective and reasoning to look at his problem or problematic behavior in a more realistic and adaptative manner. This is done after giving psychoeducation on the faulty belief system responsible for the continuation of a problem in long term and adopting a better belief system helps the client to get rid of many maladaptive behaviors and psychological sufferings associated with them.

Career and Vocational Counselor 1 Service(s)
Vocational Counseling ₹600.00
Counseling Psychologist 1 Service(s)
Novel Counseling Assistance Program ₹600.00
Personality Psychologist 1 Service(s)
Personality Development Counseling ₹600.00
School Counselor 1 Service(s)
Academic Counseling ₹600.00
Child Psychologist 1 Service(s)
Child Behavior Assessment ₹600.00


  • Director and Head Psychologist ( 2020 - Present ) MindGlass Wellbeing Pvt Ltd
  • Associate Psychologist (Health Coach) ( 2019 - 2019 ) RoundGlass Wellbeing Pvt Ltd, Mohali - India
  • Psychologist (Evening shift) ( 2015 - 2017 ) Navjeevan Drug Counseling & Rehab (NPO), Amritsar - 143005, India


  • Pre PhD in Psychology Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar - Punjab, 143005, India
  • MA (Hons.) Psychology ( 2012 - 2014 ) Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar - Punjab, 143005, India
  • BA (Hons.) Applied Psychology ( 2008 - 2012 ) Sri Aurobindo College (Eve.), Delhi University, New Delhi - 110017, INDIA


  • Freelance Psychological Assication!

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