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Madhavi Adhvaryu Shah Madhavi Adhvaryu Shah

Psychologist Madhavi Adhvaryu Shah

  • Counseling Psychologist
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About “Psychologist Madhavi Adhvaryu Shah”

Hi, I am Madhavi Adhvaryu Shah. A Counseling Psychologist and mental health expert. I have been working in mental health field from 2015. I’ve been treating issues like Relationship/Marriage counseling, divorce/break up issues, Anxiety disorders, Stress Management, Depression, Mood swings, Hormone imbalance, Pcos/Pcod counseling, Anger Management, Trauma/chronic illness counseling, Improving Self confidence/Study techniques, Eating and Sleeping disorders, Managing emotions, Pcos/Pcod anxiety/depression, sexual issues etc etc..
I am a great listener. Having Empathic and Non judgmental characteristics. Trying to break mental health stigma and bring more psychological awareness. Let’s talk and start your healing journey.


  • Counseling Psychologist ( 2015 - Present )


  • Masters with Clinical Psychology and Post Graduation Diploma in Counseling Psychology


  • 30 days

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