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How to overcome anxiety in 9 simple ways?

  • 11/02/2021

All of us, have felt anxious and been worried about an outcome at least once in our lives. Some of us feel less anxious, some of us feel more anxious. And it is okay to feel that way. So, here are a few things, that can feel us overcome or reduce the levels of anxiety in ourselves.

1. Take a deep breath

When we are really worried about an outcome, we usually tend to take short breaths, taking long deep breaths can help us feel better and help in reducing our anxiety as well.

2. Have a glass of water

When we are worried, drinking a glass of water can help us feel less anxious and feel less worried about future outcomes.

3. Slow down

When we are anxious we may pace from one place to another, our mind working continuously, our heart pounding, inability to concentrate, could be some of the common symptoms of anxiety. So at that moment,  slowing down, can help us feel less anxious.

4 . Ditch your phone

Ditching your phone or keeping it aside for a day and going out for a walk, can help reduce anxiety.

5. Talking to someone

Talking to someone can help in reducing our anxiety. For example, talking to a friend, relative, one’s parents who are patient listeners and also understands us. They might even give us some good suggestions, on how to go about the problem.

6. Distract yourself

When feeling anxious, try and distract yourself, sketch, dance, sing, anything which could help you in this process.

7. Sleeping

When we are anxious, most of our energy is drained in that process. So, sleeping can help regain the lost energy. Give us a new perspective and also help us curb some of that anxiety.

8. One thing at a time

Doing too many things, at the same time, multitasking can increase the anxiety levels in a person. So, taking baby steps or doing one thing at a time can help reduce anxiety.

9. Being in the present

We become anxious when we start thinking about the future. Be can practice not to think about something that may or may not happen. That’s why being in the present, and concentrating on what is there in front of us is super important.

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