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MindGlass Well-being: Freelance Psychologist’s Club Membership & Volunteer Membership

What is it? (Terms & Conditions)

These terms and conditions are applicable for all the subscribers of MindGlass Well-being Membership (both expert and volunteers). These rules are applicable on both half yearly and an annual Membership subscriptions. The organization’s membership fee is same for both (i) Experts^ & (ii) District Health volunteer’s. When you buy a subscription, you’ve to read all the terms and conditions before switching to a membership plan of MindGlass Well-being, and it’s assumed that you’re agreed with the terms and conditions (nothing hidden) of the paid membership of the MindGlass Well-being Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi India.

Term & Conditions:

  1. We have two different freelance psychologist’s membership policies for an expert’s membership. Please read terms and conditions number 3 & 4 in this paragraph for the clarification of two types of expert’s membership. En expert can’t switch from one membership type or policy to another, within a period of 6 months, but he/she may switch or change to another membership policy/type, when renewing his/her annually or half yearly membership.
  2. The term Expert is used for Doctors (MD/ BAMS/ BUMS/ BHMS), Psychiatrists, and Psychologists, Counselors, and Clinical Psychologists, Marital counselors, School Counselors, Special Educators, & Health coaches plus other experts only.
  3. The organization charges you an 6% service fee on your earnings from online consultation at our platform, and you will receive a total 94% amount of your earnings into your account. This 6% also includes 2-3% fees of the payment gateway (our company pays to the third party for receiving payment online from clients, on our website)To make it more easy, let’s understand it with the help of an example:- ‘when a client pays us ₹ 100 for an online consultation session, or an appointment, a company providing us a facility to “receive an online payment, directly in our bank a/c” cuts a little amount as a service fee, which is 2-3% (it varies for different types of cards, like whether it’s visa or rupee card, credit or debit card, etc.), then the -organization receives an amount of ₹ 97-98.00 in its account, and after deducting MindGlass service fee (3-4%) we do credit the remaining 94% of the earning amount in to the bank account of the psychologist’s / doctors, or experts. In short, a total deduction is 6%, where 2-3% is paid for payment gateway charges, and 3-4% is the service charge of MindGlass Well-being Pvt. Ltd.

    A refund of 100% for your “Annual Expert Membership Fee” will be provided to those experts only who couldn’t make an earning of Rs. equal to the fees paid to the organization.

    We request all experts to not use this platform for primary income generation platform only, rather use it as a source of social work and serving the society at lowest prices (part time and secondary work, until unless we don’t get a large market for all the Psychologists/ Experts at MindGlass ). We have to provide a safe place of online counseling, where you can offer your services to the poor or lower middle class in 100 to 200 Rs. per session (45 minutes) and can charge a full fee to the capable clients. For which you can use a flexible starting consultation price for all, fix it, and tell your customers that this XXX price is for the ABC service’s, for people who are students, widows, senior citizen and people low income or NGO’s, and if you do not come in this category than you should pay us a market rate which is Rs. 300 if you come from rural India, Rs. 400Rs. for small cities,& Rs. 500 Rs. (minimum) for the metropolitan cities.

  4. District Health Volunteers (members) don’t come under the category of an expert, regardless of their experience, age, and academic qualifications and they will not get any refund for the subscription of the annual or biannually membership fee, of the organization.
  5. An expert leaving the organization before a term of six (6) months will not be entitled to get any refund for the membership charges.
  6. Company reserved all rights, and any legal disputes will be sorted out in the East Delhi – India jurisdiction region only.
  7. Only those experts can claim a refund for their membership charges (after a period of 12 months from the date of subscription), who couldn’t ear an amount of equal to the payment they have paid to us, from our all offline and online health, well-being, and psychological consultation services.
  8. The organization doesn’t give you guarantee to provide customers all the time, although our marketing managers do their best to bring in new clients, and we have good search engine optimization, therefore we have kept a policy of refunding membership charges, so then no member feels get cheated.
  9. The Terms and Conditions are ending here.

    You can ask for a copy of the same, or save this one.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: 1. I wanted to ask is it fine if I pay the membership fees after I get to know in detail about the program being held.

~ BY M. Shah,

Answer. Sure,

The Organization gives our Volunteers a chance to interact with people who want to talk to a good (trained) person, who don’t judge them or don’t make fun of their talks, but they don’t have money, so our Volunteer team talks or listen such people free. This is our Program called “Listening ear”… This is the project we’re starting in New Year.
Our Volunteers talks to a person without judging him/ her, and without giving a single piece of advice (no advice at all). But as we all are aware that being a good Psychology student or Psychologist in process, one needs skills. We help our Volunteers to learn and understand those skills, with realistic and short discussions, workshops, and training sessions.
All volunteers will receive training in “Listening skills” of 4 hours, plus “Empathy and Motivational Interviewing skills” 4 hours before we provide them a person they would be talking with or listening to him / her unbiased to support his self-esteem.
In the end, Volunteers find a sense of peace and self-satisfaction. It comes from the contribution our volunteers make in others’ lives, by helping them in understanding their issues and bring equilibrium in the many lives, thus indirectly helping society.
Although our volunteers don’t do one-2-one counseling Sessions’ (as all Volunteers are not fully skilled due to still being in masters or graduation programs, and legally not allowed to counsel people), by unbiased listing to the people in distress, and then providing them with real knowledge, feedback and help them to seek the right consultation (if someone needs it) is something very important which is done by our Volunteers. And, we skill our volunteers in the same life skills.
Volunteers will teach life skills to the people who want to learn from us. There are many research findings available, stating that when someone involves in teaching (we will be taught life and soft skills to poor students or students of the rural community and government schools), educating or guiding others or their friends, it makes one person learn more and learn for a long time. Therefore it’s our core belief that when our Volunteers who will have already learned the healthy copings, stress management, assertiveness, self-acceptance techniques, when will teach same to the others, will indirectly strengthen the volunteer’s soft skills for the future job and career development they would be continuing after graduating.
All Volunteer members will get pictures and certificates of actual work. Every volunteer will have access to the quarterly MindGlass Psychological Magazine (Launching in January) and can send your articles to be published on the website as well as in the magazine.
Apart from this, you will be a Volunteer for one year and a member of our new National Level Association (the name will be disclosed soon), and you guys can add these little experiences and information to your resume, which makes a big impact in your career profile. You will learn major soft skills (other than you already know) by working with a team of people from multicultural backgrounds, all the states, and major cities and languages (Whole India).

QUESTION 2. As Volunteering programs/internships aren’t paid, So if it is possible to do it without paying? let me know!

~ BY M. Shah,

Answer. Hi Dear M. Shah,

It’s not an Internship program (the Volunteer Membership Program). It’s a one-year volunteer work membership program, with multiple benefits for psychology and
education students only. The student will get an appreciation certificate and many pieces of training along with real volunteer work.

QUESTION: 3. Hello Sir/Ma’am! I have been added to the group of volunteers and got the email as well. I have read the whole email. I had a query. I am a master’s in psychology 1st-semester student and I will have exams during February due to which I might not be able to participate actively for that time period if I sign up. So what would you suggest?

~ By Navyata R.

Answer. Dear friend, you must sign up. When some of us will be busy then others will handle the volunteer job work. The volunteer work is very flexible and you will learn new life skills, as well as the program, which will help you in your career development too. In case if one of the volunteers is busy in personal life, exams, or due to health condition of self or a family member, then any other available volunteers will handle the ongoing job assigned to someone. The Volunteer membership program is for one year. We will not be working on any project which might cause a possible distraction for the student like you, so even the busiest students, house wife’s or anyone can volunteer with us (but he/she must be from education or psychology programs only). And, our volunteers learn a lot of psychological skills during one year or six month’s membership at MindGlass Well-being. Therefore it gonna be helpful for all the volunteers, doesn’t matter even if some of us are a college student, having exams, working/doing a job, or just preparing for Competitive exams.