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Internship in Basics of

1. Clinical Psychology,
2. Counseling Skills for beginners,
3. Advanced Counseling Skills,
4. Addiction Counseling skills,
5. CBT Skills, and more training modules.

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About MindGlass:

We are a team of experienced psychologists, psychiatrists, vocational, educational, and health counselors. Our team of experienced also are spreading psycho-education for all as a social worker, providing the neediest mental health and emotional well-being interventions in diverse sectors. Our major projects are including government and public schools, colleges, multinational corporate organizations, hospitals, and private clinics as well. As a contributing member of the primary mental health care team, the interns are allowed to work closely with experienced supervisors, and these supervisors help manage the psycho-social aspects of chronic and acute mental health conditions.

About the Internship Program:

Our skilled team members have been delivering standardized and professional training workshops, seminars, and internships programs to the Primary and Junior School teachers of  Indian government schools, as well as to the students of various prestigious institutions since May 2017, and has reached a total trained number of students and teachers nearly 2500, in multiple workshops and Internship training Programs. Our team has been delivering quality training to psychology interns, with an area of focus on Basics of Clinical Psychology,  Counseling Skills for beginners, Advanced Counseling Skills, Addiction Counseling skills, CBT Skills, Therapeutic Skills, Psychological Assessment, Psychodrama,  Behavior Therapy, Play Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) or Motivational Interviewing, etc (Internship Program), where we use live case-history illustrations, case-discussions, and practical assignments.

The internship sessions will be conducted by Experienced Psychologists, they can be Clinical Research Psychologist, Rehabilitation Psychologists, Counselors, Psychologists, Couple Counselors, etc.

Cost: Rs. 2000.00 to 4500.00/ head.


for basics (1.) 30 Days/ 4 weeks/ 240 Hours and,

for advanced (2.) 90 Days/ 12 weeks/ 720 Hours


There will be supervised training every day, and group discussion and ground round will be held to facilitate better learning, students will observe and interact with doctors before and after therapy sessions and patients in treatment centers of our allied hospitals, drug rehabilitation centers, and clinics in offline mode. In online training, live discussion and Sessions will be made available to participants, and every alternative day the activity will be done by interns and monitored by trained supervisors (Expert Psychologist). Where watching a recorded session, Psychological movies, homework, and assignment activities will be carried out: based on group and Individual activities. Some of the training sessions will be delivered by a freelance psychologist (an opportunity to learn from more than 1 person).

The Minimum Number of Participants is limited to 10 and the Maximum is 50. We don’t run training or workshop when the participants are less than 10, as in this case the organization will have to pay its trainers from its pocket. In short, this is a nonprofit or less profit training program. The motive is to promote and facilitate the best, fair & economical training for all.

Mode: Online & Offline (Live).

Dates: Beginning on the first week of Every New Month.


Students of Master’s/Bachelor’s in Psychology/ Rehabilitation/ Education/ Social Work!

Those pursuing/interested in pursuing psychiatric social work, or psychiatric nursing Working psychologists/counselors/rehab psychologists

Learning Outcomes (for Basics of Clinical & Counseling Psychology):

Please Note: All other programs will have a different learning Module and Outcome.

The program will cover the following theme:

***** PART – (A). Clinical – Procedure *****

1. Rapport building & Informed consent
2. Mini-Mental Status Examination (MMSE)
3. Detailed Case-history taking & Case-Report Writing
4. Sensitive interviewing techniques with minors & in trauma
5. Psychological tools used for Case history taking.
6. How to write Chief complaints?
7. Negative History-taking.
8. Importance of informants and referral mechanism in case history-taking
10. Differential diagnosis, Dual diagnosis, & Co-morbidity.

***** PART – (B). Disorder & Therapy *****

11. Developmental Disorders: FIVE CASE HISTORY Illustration:-
___ A. Learning disability (LD),
___ B. Slow Learning,
___ C. Autism,
___ D. ADHD,
___ E. Intellectual Disability or MR (old term)
12. MOOD DISORDERS ( (Mania, Hypo-mania, Depressive mood): TWO CASE History illustration!
___ A. Dysthymic disorder
___ B. Bipolar
___ C. Major Depressive Disorder
13. ANXIETY DISORDERS: TWO CASE History illustration!
___ A. Phobia
___ B. PTSD,
___ C. GAD & others
14. SUBSTANCE ABUSE DISORDER: ONE CASE History illustration!
15. PERSONALITY DISORDERS: ONE CASE History illustration!
___ A. Eccentric disorders;
___ B. Dramatic, emotional or erratic disorders; and
___ C. Anxious or fearful disorders
16. SCHIZOPHRENIA: ONE CASE History illustration!
___ A. Delirium
___ B. Dementia
___ C. Amnestic disorders
18. Introduction to Psychological Testing in Clinical Settings
20. Counseling skills and skills essential in psychotherapy


The individuals fulfilling this role will be able to apply solution-focused psychological principles to understand mental health concerns, understand how to make case-conceptualizations and treatment plans, as well as learn to collaboratively work with clients to implement treatment plans.

The timing of the sessions will be 5:00 to 7:00 pm, every alternate day. On the days in between, practical activities for self-learning will be given.


(A). Mr. Ashutosh Tiwari
EDUCATION: BA Applied Psy. (Hons.), MA Psychology (Hons.), Ph.D. in Clinical Counseling Submitting this June.
Specialization: Drug Rehabilitation counseling, Emergency Counseling, CBT for OCD, Anxiety, Cognitive disorders, Mood disorders, Addiction, & Neurodevelopmental Disorders

(B). Mr. A. Chaudhary
EDUCATION: BA Applied Psy. (Hons.), MA Applied Psy., M.Phil Clinical Psychology (RCI)
Specialization: Clinical Psychology, Kids Disabilities, School & Academic Counseling

TO REGISTER, please fulfill the following steps:

1. Complete the payment: Total charges-
Cost: Rs. 2000/- for 4 weeks

Eligibility: Students/Working Professionals of Psychology, psychiatric social work, or psychiatric nursing.

Pay Energy Exchange via Bheem UPI: mindglass@kotak
Or Bank Bank transfer…
A/c: 10138-58671.
IFSC: KKBK0004612.
Kotak Mahindra Bank, Kirti-Nagar Delhi.

2. Fill this registration.
3. Mail us the following documents as a reply to this mail :
i) Screenshot of your payment transaction / or Unique transaction number
ii) One government ID Proof
iii) Degree/ mark-sheet of your last educational qualification
iv) A passport-sized photograph (if you want to get a certificate with a photo and attested with stamp).


The individuals fulfilling this role will be able to apply solution-focused psychological principles to understand mental health concerns, understand how to make case-conceptualizations and treatment plans, as well as learn to collaboratively work with clients to implement treatment plans.

The responsibilities will include:

  • Learning skills essential in providing effective individual, family, and group psychotherapy
  • Determine realistic long-term and short-term goals for psychotherapy
  • Learning about psycho-diagnostic evaluations
    • Support staff, fellows, and other interns
  • Attend program development and case-discussions for clients treated or evaluated
  • Demonstrate an understanding of client needs when devising and implementing treatment
  • Do primary and secondary research
Mail your CV at / Or Contact on Whats-App: 6260474014

Kindly Note: Our Training Program doesn’t make a participant be eligible to get registered with RCI, or accreditation to practice as an Independent Clinical Psychologist. Our Programs are designed and are run only to add a valuable and unforgettable experience to your profile.

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